What Are the Most Popular Luxury Interior Paint Colors?

One of the easiest ways to transform a room is to come up with new colors for the walls. The right primary color paired with a possible secondary one can make a dramatic effect. Even the furnishings will begin to take on a difference appearance thanks to the color choices. 


If you’re in the mood to do something with one or more of your rooms, the first move is to call the local interior painting company Denver CO and arrange to have a professional come by the home. While the pro is there, you can learn more about today’s more popular luxury paint colors and determine if one of them might be right for your room. Here are a few examples of the most popular luxury colors today and what can be done with them.


Shades of White

As the professional home painters Denver CO will tell you, white is an option that remains in vogue from year to year. What you may not realize is there are a number of variations on white that you want to consider. Some of them tend to be more stark while others seem to have slight shades that shift as the amount of light within the room shifts. 


When you prefer a clean look that relies more on a room’s furnishings for color and pop, having this type of simple background could be the answer. Certainly, it will provide a clean look for a formal living or dining room. It can work equally well in a kitchen or even a bedroom. 


Consider hues like white flour, white snow, eggshell, white apple, or iceberg white. Each of them offers something a little different while providing the clean and sleek look that you’re seeking. 


Soft Grays

Perhaps even the most muted white is a little to plain for your tastes. There’s still a way to get the sleek and timeless look that you want while adding a subtle color to the walls. That’s where the idea of using some type of softer gray comes into the picture. 


You can bet that an expert with an interior painting company Denver CO can tell you quite a bit about the types of gays that are currently popular for interior paint. Many of them are intended to provide just a hint of color to the walls and are perfect for reflecting light throughout the space. They also tend to do well with a number of other colors. That means the patterns you choose for furniture upholstery, area rugs, and even the colors found in the wall art are likely to work perfectly. 


Think about shades like pearl gray, gray screen, lazy gray, or aloof gray. If you decide to go with something deeper, there are always choices like summit gray, cloak gray, or Dorian gray. 



Blues to Set the Mood

There’s so much that can be done with blue. That may be why it’s been a favorite in many homes for centuries. It’s easy to draw inspiration from nature to come up with ideas for shades of blue. Best of all, it has all the versatility that is associated with white when it comes to using blue in different rooms. 


What shade of blue would be right for your space? A lot depends on the mood that you want to set for the space. As an expert with one of the interior house painting services Denver CO can attest, the spectrum of luxury blue colors runs the gamut from the subtle to the bold. You can consider the type of statement you want to make based on the room’s dimensions, amount of natural light, the function for the space, and your personal preferences. 


What shades of blue are worth considering? Take a look at today’s luxury colors like the traditional bluebell, the deeper dynamic blue, or the beautiful Adriatic Sea blue. If you want to lean more toward the teal end of the spectrum, consider options like really teal or maxi teal. For a truly deep blue, nothing will top dark night.


Traditional Beige

Whoever said beige is boring hasn’t checked out the options for luxury paint colors lately. For a time, it was out of favor. That’s changed with the new decade. Beige is back and in a big way. 


You can find beige to be a great choice for bedrooms, hallways, kitchens, and other parts of the home. Like white, it can provide a crisp, clean background for the space. The fact that it’s relatively to accessorize with different shades of beige give it a versatility that you won’t find with some of the other luxury colors of today.


If this sounds like a good idea to you, consider options like warm beige, eaglet beige, and the popular practical beige. If you want to go a little darker, options like Barcelona beige or basket beige may be more to your liking. 




Soft Pinks (Or Not So Soft)

You may think that pink is one of those colors that smack of the middle of the 20th century, and you would be right. At least, that’s true if you’re thinking of shades like hot pink. What you may not realize is there are plenty of softer pinks that may be ideal for one or more areas of your home. 


Looking through painting company reviews, you’re likely to find that different shades of pink are often used in bathrooms, children’s bedrooms, and even in spots like entry halls. The key is to go with a pink that’s more subtle and blends in well with the other colors used in the space. 


What sort of pinks might work well in your home? Consider options like rose pink, pink viburnum, or Bella pink. If you do want to conjure up visions of hot pink while still keeping things toned down a little, feverish pink, salmon pink, or zany pink may be just what you need.


Relaxing Lavender

It’s true that lavender may not be among your first paint color ideas, but it is one worth considering. This option can work well in a master bedroom or any other part of the house where you want something that creates a space to relax. It may be just what you need for your bathroom since the color will make relaxing in a garden tub all the more pleasant. 


With the color choices, you can opt for something like lite lavender or modern lavender for a more subtle touch. If you prefer deeper hues, there’s always the option of seeing what you think about dried lavender or lavish lavender.



Greens Inspired by Nature

There’s something about green that tends to evoke a sense of being one with nature. People bring green into rooms using plants as well as upholstery and wall color. You may be ready to give your space a boost by adding a subtle shade of green. Maybe you want to really shake things up by making green walls the focal point of your space. 


You’ll find that experts with interior house painting services Denver CO can tell you a lot about different shades of green. From helping settle on depth, boldness, and even the degree of gloss involved, it’s possible to consult with that expert and settle on the right shade. 


What shades of luxury green may work in your home? For a lighter and more subtle touch, consider options like picnic, melange green, or seafoam green. If the plan is to go big and bold, take a look at the grasshopper, envy green, or direct green. 


Dusty or Muted Oranges

Orange is another color that is sometimes considered a relic of the past. Even so, it’s one of the more popular luxury colors on the market today. It tends to provide an unexpected touch to a room, even when a more subtle shade is used. There are enough shades to make it worth your while to consider what this color could do for your space. 


You’ll find that most home painting services in Denver CO can recommend different hues based on the look you want to achieve in the space. Some of them are so subtle that you may wonder if those colors have any orange at all. With others, there is no doubt that you’re getting a good dose of orange. 


What hues to consider? There’s the traditional cantaloupe orange to think about. You can also go with navel, carnival, or Osage orange. If you want something more subtle, think about looking into tangerine or sunset. If you really want to spice things up, see what you think of cayenne orange. 



Bold and Soft Yellows

Yellow also speaks of nature and is often used in spaces where there’s a desire to reflect light and make the space as bright as possible. You can opt for bold yellows that provide splashes of color that are only tempered by using more subtle colors for the rest of the space. It’s also possible to utilize soft yellows that still help keep a room light while allowing other elements in the space to provide more of a focal point. 


With this type of luxury wall paint, there are plenty of options to go with. You may find that yellow is great for kitchens, bathrooms, and areas of the home without a lot of natural light, like a central hallway. It’s also a great color to use in a sunroom or for an enclosed back porch. 


What shades of yellow should you consider? For a bold touch, feel free to go with something like lemon yellow, daisy yellow, or decisive yellow. If you want to try something that’s more subtle, consider what dusty yellow, Rayo del sol, or goldenrod would do for your space. 


Choices for interior and exterior house painting Denver CO should be chosen with care. While it’s true that you can always repaint if the color doesn’t work out, it saves time and money to go with something that you’re sure will work well in space. Along with reading painting company reviews and hiring the right service to handle the painting, do consider the color choices carefully. Doing so will ensure that you end up with something that you love for a long time to come. 


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