5 Signs That Your House Needs Painting

Everyone likes their homes to be attention grabbing from the street but also provide comfortability. Pulling into the driveway after work and being greeted with the sight of a beautiful exterior is one of life’s simple pleasures. In a similar manner, most of us like to visit people who live in homes that are exterior confidants but put in the effort on the interior as well.


Maintenance and upkeep are part of what keeps the home looking nice. That’s true for the inside as well as the outside. From time to time, that upkeep will involve having some painting done. If you’re not sure if it’s time for some fresh paint, here are some signs that will help you come to a decision. Keep in mind there are exterior house painting services that are also capable of tackling any type of painting that needs to be done inside as well. 


Paint That’s Faded

One of the first signs that indicate it’s time for some painting is noticing the color has faded a bit. Perhaps you notice a difference when you trim back the shrubs that are found close to the exterior walls. It may be that you notice the difference when you catch a glimpse of a different shade where two of the exterior walls meet. At that juncture, you begin to get an idea that something needs to be done. 

What many people don’t realize is that the inside walls can fade over time as well. Walls that receive a lot of natural light most of the day are likely to fade slightly as the years pass. You may not even notice the difference until some type of scratch or scar occurs, and you dig out the touch-up paint in hopes of covering the area. It’s then that you notice the paint you’re using is slightly darker than the paint on the walls.

There’s no need to live with faded paint on the inside or the outside. There are exterior and interior house painting services that can easily take care of the issue. Once they’re done, your home will look fresh and vibrant once again.

Gaps That Have Appeared Along with Interior or Exterior Walls

If you have a wooden exterior, there’s always the possibility of gaps developing. This typically happens when the wood seal weakens and moisture begins to seep into the material. It causes it to change shape, including shrinkage. That can result in gaps that stand out from the rest of the paint. 

Keep in mind those gaps are more than unsightly. They make it all the easier for more moisture to permeate the exterior wall and harbor mold. The best move is to have a professional look at and possibly replace those sections with fresh materials. Once that’s done, you’ll want a residential painter in Denver to finish out those spots so they look like the rest of the wall.

You may be fortunate and find that the existing paint job has not faded yet. If so, covering the newly placed wood will be easy. If there is some difference in the shade, you may want to have the painter freshen the entire exterior structure. That will ensure the place doesn’t look as if you were going for a patchwork design.

Cracked or Peeling Paint

Exposure to the elements can cause paint to crack and peel over time. This is true even when the highest-quality paint is used. At first, the cracks or peeled spots will be small and almost impossible to notice. Over time, they will only get larger and be joined with more areas where the paint peels or cracks. 

In this scenario, the painting project will involve scraping and sanding the home’s exterior. This makes it possible to get back down to a smooth surface that’s ready for painting. Depending on what the professional determines, it may be necessary to apply a coat of primer first and then begin with the first layer of paint. The goal is always to provide a paint job that’s smooth to the touch and even to the eyes. 

Some may try to convince you that scraping and painting over the cracked areas will be enough. Rest assured that whatever caused the current round of peeled and cracked areas will lead to more of them. By choosing to have the entire exterior painted, you can avoid having to apply what seems like an endless procession of touch-ups.

You’re Tired of the Color

There are times when the paint job still looks great, but you want to take action anyway. The reason is a simple one: you’ve looked at the same old color for so long that you can’t stand to see it one more day. In that type of scenario, there’s a reason to call one of the local exterior painting professionals and have someone come by to provide an estimate. 

Remember it’s your home. You want to be happy with it at all times. If changing the exterior paint color will add to your happiness, go ahead and do it. That’s true even if the current paint is in fine shape. 

This holds for the home’s interior as well. If there’s a wall color in one of the rooms that you no longer want to see, feel free to call a professional and make arrangements to repaint the space. If you’re not sure what color to consider, take a look at the secondary colors in the furnishings in the room. Once the painting is done, that color will tend to stand out a little more and freshen the way that the upholstery or other elements look. 

You’re Getting the Place Ready for the Market

After years of making your home in the house, it’s time to move on. It may be a new job that’s located across the country. Perhaps the kids are grown and you’re ready to downsize. There’s also the chance that your family is growing and you need a bigger place. Whatever the reason, it pays to make sure your home shows well once it’s placed on the market. 


Given that you sometimes have eclectic tastes, it’s a good idea to have a painting contractor in Denver stop by and provide some ideas of what to do with the interior and exterior. The goal is often to utilize colors that are considered more neutral. Doing so makes it easier for prospective buyers to imagine their belongings inside. Those neutral hues also help prospective buyers to have some idea of what sort of elements they would want to add to the exterior to make the place their own. 

Keep in mind that whatever colors you choose, they are sure to accomplish one thing: make the house look fresher and properly maintained. Prospective buyers often prefer houses that don’t require any type of major work during the first few years. If it’s obvious that the paint job is recent, that’s one issue that the prospective buyer mentally checks off and gives them one more reason to consider submitting an offer. 

Understanding Why Painting the Exterior Matters

You may be wondering about how often I should repaint my home's exterior. A lot depends on the materials, the climate, and several other factors. For example, if you have a wood exterior, it never hurts to consider painting it every four years or so. Brick exteriors that have been painted may last much longer, possibly as long as two decades. Stucco walls are another example of exterior walls that will need painting more frequently. Consider a fresh round of paint every six years or so. 

Understanding the benefits of painting your house exterior can provide some of the motivation you need to move forward with getting the job done. Maintaining the appearance is one major factor to consider. You also should realize that paint helps to protect the exterior materials. A well-done paint job decreases the risk of damage that could be quite costly to repair. See it as one way you spend money now with the expectation of not having to spend larger sums of money later. 

And Why Interior Painting is Worth the Time and Effort

When it comes to interior painting, the need may not roll around as often as with the exterior. Even so, the day will come when something needs to be done. It may be due to fading that leaves one wall looking a little different from the other three. Perhaps it all boils down to taste; yours has changed and that means a new wall color is in order. 

Interior paint also provides some protection for the walls inside the home. It can help prevent damage from moisture and in some cases inhibit the progress of mold. A professional can recommend paint that will do more to protect the interior structure as well as ensure the house is safer for you to occupy. 

When making decisions about repainting a home on the inside or the outside, call in the professionals. Compare the merits of different types of paint even as you think about what colors to use. Taking the time to choose wisely provides the chance to make changes that you find attractive, practical, and that will hold up well as the years pass.

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5 Signs That Your House Needs Painting
5 Signs That Your House Needs Painting

Everyone likes their homes to be attention grabbing from the street but also provide comfortability. Pulling into the driveway after work and being greeted with the sight of a beautiful exterior is one of life’s simple pleasures. In a similar manner, most of us like to visit people who live in homes that are exterior confidants but put in the effort on the interior as well.