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We deliver a wide array services that allow you to express your creative vision for your home or business. Whether we're restoring your distressed exterior or transforming your interior space, LIME’s core values of Love, Integrity, Mission, and Excellence shine through, helping our highly skilled artisans and craftsmen bring your ideas to life.


Nick Lopez


Meet Nick Lopez

At the age of 19, Nick founded his first painting LLC, and for every summer thereafter he painted homes to help pay for tuition, books, and cost of living. By doing so, Nick began to develop a real passion and love for the craft. In his third year as the owner of a painting company, the “light bulb” went off and he realized that the past three years of painting didn’t have to be his last and that a future in the industry made sense. From that point forward, Nick focused on owning a company in the painting industry that raised the status quo.

I love what I do because LIME provides jobs for the families who are a part of the LIME team. We deliver a quality service in an industry that doesn’t always fit that type, and that is important to me. I learned at a young age that most consumers don’t have a reliable and responsive resource in the painting industry. Our company is a unique solution to that need and a lot of the time clients are thoroughly surprised at what we can do. That obligation to our clients excites me and encourages me to work that much harder!

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Interior and Exterior Painting - Denver Trends

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6 Reasons Why House Painting Should be Done in Summer

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